Musing #6 – Learning From Trees.


It has been a pretty long while since I last wrote.

I have been really distracted by this photo I have taken (and edited) outside the Church of Epiphany at Jalan Kayu.

I am always marveled by the sheer number of lessons that we could learn from the seemingly mundane things around us. Beautiful and picturesque trees that symbolise strength that endures storms; structure that provides shelter; resourcefulness that converts resources into food, of which creates and sustains life.

We should not be becoming increasingly disinterested to the beauty in our surroundings because it is so omnipresent.

We are always craving of travel out of Singapore, hoping to indulge and feast our eyes on the sights and scenery of other countries. Yet how many of us have actually made a sincere effort to explore and discover what does this little red dot has to offer?

The grass perhaps is not greener on the other side. Difference between the two sides does not make the other side appear greener.

As I continued to stare at this photo, I am once again wonderstruck by the small path (foreground, middle) that has been created by the many different people who has walked the same path. What amazes me is that it is not the shortest way by displacement to the bus stop, yet the majority of every one who has walked that path stuck to it. Why? Just because it is a path means most of us is conforming to it? I sincerely do hope this is not the culture that is perpetuating in Singapore.

I must acknowledge that conformity is not always bad. But conformity that reduces efficiency and pragmatism requires us to take a good second look at it — as it reduces productivity growth. Not what our country can afford to have.


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