“What are the little things you stop to appreciate and enjoy?”

I came across a TEDx Talk today by Kalina Silverman, telling us to do away with small talk. Instead of inconsequential and meaningless small talks, Kalina suggests that even when conversing with strangers, deep and meaningful conversations can be easily created. Kalina champions what she has termed ‘big talk’.

Being interested enough to Google more about the movement, I chanced upon the website.

Indeed, all of us crave meaningful conversations over the seemingly meaningless, inconsequential small talk we make when meeting someone new. I am not discounting the potential benefits of small talk, but that is for another day. Back to big talk, at the very least, all of us prefer meaningful conversations over meaningless ones. Big talk aims to create more meaningful conversations amongst people, and this is what made me support the movement.

One question on the website I chanced upon is “What are the little things you stop to appreciate and enjoy?”

I am a self-confessed tree-lover. But no, I do not know the names of 1000 trees. Being in touch with nature, even in this dense, bustling city-state of Singapore makes me feel at ease. Trees are inspirational beings, each telling a different chapter of a story every time we see it. A strong, lone tree growing where no other plants have survived? That’s tenacity. A big raintree providing shade and shelter to other animals and humans? That’s love and care. Pando, the clonal colony of one single quaking aspen has a root system that is 80,000 years old? That is one heck of tenacity, perseverance, ruggedness and not to forget, love and kinship. Death and rebirth, the quaking aspen is one of the many ‘resprouter’ trees in the world. During forest fires, the trees may burn off and die, but the roots rarely get damaged, allowing the trees to resprout after the fires. Get back up whenever we fall down. Life lesson learnt. Thank you trees.

All of us have our own reasons as to why we love something and hate something else. As for me, trees have been a source of inspiration, a friend providing warmth, shelter and solace.

As I live everyday, I will make sure to appreciate the things in life even more. Yes, and that includes little trees too.


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